David Shea Editorial

Jonathan Silvestri brings flowers to his mother Anne at the end of memorial services for his father, San Bernardino Police officer Gerald Silvestri, at the Immanuel Baptist Church in San Bernardino Calif., Friday Oct. 20, 2000. Silvestri was killed while responding to a call. Sitting is Silvestri's daughter Kathryn. Christina Rosales moves through a mud-filled room as she helps her sister Rosa Bieggar gather possessions from Bieggar's flooded Greenwood Avenue home in Devore Calif., Saturday, Dec. 26, 2003. Christmas Day debris flows from areas burned by October's Old Fire inundated the community of Devore, a Devore KOA camp and a Waterman Canyon church camp killing 16 people. An Erickson Air-Crane S-64 makes a drop next to a Dearcrest Drive home that was threatened by the Old Fire in Devore Calif., Sunday Oct. 26, 2003. The home was saved. The 91,281 acre Old Fire destroyed 993 homes. D2KLA protest organizer Lisa Fithian tries to reassure an an unidentified protester outside the designated protest zone at the Democratic National Convention at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Calif., Tuesday Aug. 15, 2000. A faction of protesters refused to re-enter the zone because of perceived police brutality at the previous evening's Rage Against the Machine concert. The group eventually agreed to proceed. Firefighters discuss a plan of defense as homeowner David Newman, right, anxiously watches the progress of the Old Fire from his backyard in Devore Calif., Sunday Oct. 26, 2003. Newman's home was spared. The 91,281 acre Old Fire destroyed 993 homes.

| Southern California